CX Day 2021 Event

Your new logo will be the smile of your customers.

We have celebrated the CX Day all around the world with people coming from different regions, representing world’s best-known brands with the experiences that they provide to their customers.

More than a celebration, we are proud to host this event as a source of trustable and valuable information and best practices in the Experience Management space.

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All for the smile of our customers.

14:00 GMT+2 : Keynote with Doğuş Kuran, General Manager@SabancıDx

Your new logo will be the smile of your customers

14:30 GMT+2: MENA Panel - A Dream: How unique experiences became the regions' trademark?

15:15 GMT+2: AMA - CX is a Team Sport: Democratizing the Experience

15:45 GMT+2: TR Panel - Driving Experience: Will we feel like an F1 pilot or fully serviced boss with connected, self-driving cars?

16:30 GMT+2: Europe Panel - Citizen Experience: How do we contribute to daily lives of people?

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