Identify Trends as They Happen, Plan and Act Based on Real World Insight

Discover novel ways to improve your employee & customer experience. Transform data into insight. Foster communication and accountability within your organization.
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Empower Your Business with Data

Visualize operational and experience data in real time from across your organization to make it actionable, so you can get to insights faster. Create charts, journey maps, breakdowns and more in seconds. Spend less time copying data into spreadsheets and more time growing your business.

Filtering and Data Aggregation

Go beyond simple graphs and tap into your inner data scientist with a reporting suite powered by realtime filtering and data aggregation. Deep dive into analyses with granular dashboards and quickly identify root causes of issues to solve them faster.

PDF and Image Exports

Create beautiful presentations and reports enriched with real data. Hold more productive meetings and foster a culture of collaboration and transparency.

Channel and Hierarchy Based Grouping

Map your organizational hierarchy into the backbone of your reporting. Run benchmarks and A/B tests to promote learning amongst teams and across your organization.

Build a Centralized Control Hub for Your Digital Business

Build a solution around your needs. Mix and match core platform features with Power-Ups that scale with you.


Enterprise Suite

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Survey Builder

Project Management

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Social Experience

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Knowledge Base

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Journey Automation

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